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Whilst we provide various types of packaging products, choosing the most relevant options will guide you to the information you require and much more...... Which is the most option for your requirements?
Need high quality, professionally printed bespoke boxes?
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Why We're Different

We understand your unique predicaments and opportunities when it comes to your company's packaging planning and procurement, and, our ethical services are not simply in the quest to sell you packaging!

We want to help, and, we can improve the majority of the prospective clients we visit.  We're small enough to care, big enough to have a stable supply chain infrastructure and we're passionate about what we do!

Great Packaging needs consideration, and, knowing all the different options for a company that only purchases their own packaging is difficult.  The SCD Team have over 60 years combined experience within the bespoke packaging sector, and, chances are, we've worked on many similar packaging scenarios as yours and know the hurdles that need to be overcome, along with the various options, and, opportunities available for your specific packaging requirements and aspirations.

There's a lot of Packaging Consultants and Custom Packaging Suppliers in the UK, but there isn't many like SCD Packaging.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help your bespoke packaging procurement.

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S & C Dickinson is a leading UK Packaging Supplier established in 2002. Catering for all Industries and Commerce, our Experts provide the very best Packaging, Shipping and Mailing solutions for both Short Run and Large Volume requirements


With faces made for radio, meet the SCD Management Team who make all the magic happen. We keep all the good looking staff who really do the work behind lock and key but rest assured, you can't find a more knowledgable team dedicated to making your product better visually, and commercially.


MD, Cleaner and General Dogs Body
Leading from the back, Sam lives and breaths packaging. He's been specifically interested in boxes since he was 13 due to a misinterpretation of 90's slang. Nevertheless, that created the corrugated box obsession that makes him such a hit at parties. In his own words, "his mission is to make what's already a sexy industry, even sexier!" Want to know why you too should love cardboard boxes and why you should be speaking to SCD.....


Business Development Manager & Packaging Superhero
Despite the photo, Paul is safe to allow into your company and will blow your mind with ideas and methods to improve your packaging in every way. The initial impression you have from his photo is probably a fair one, so, you have to ask yourself why would we choose to spend 50 hours a week with him? He's a packaging genius, that's why!Dare to spend some time with him and invite him to your company, and you'll find out why....


Commercial Manager & Retail Packaging Wizard
Smug he looks, but, smug he's not. Even though, what Alan doesn't know about solid board packaging isn't worth knowing. He lives and breathes it and has for 20 years! If your product is on the shelf, Alan's probably already appraised it and decided how it should be improved. As a consequence, his wife hasn't been shopping with him for 12 years!Find out why Alan's banned from many retail outlets and how this would help your business....


Accounts & Admin Manager & Girl Friday
Often said the Fulcrum of SCD, and, pardon the pun, but, 'hard to put in any one box!'. A female equivalent to the A-Teams 'Face' in many respects - solving problems, making the impossible possible ,and, keeping everyone sane. Although Open University has no specific course on the subject, she claims to have studied mail(sic) packaging for over 8 years? If you have packaging problem, and no one else can help, maybe you could hire......


Marketing Director & Client Creative Head
The saying, 'behind every good man.....', has never been more true! A multitasking queen, who, not only manages all external marketing (excluding this bio) with a supernatural efficiency, but Cheryl also directs SCD's client retail marketing campaigns that achieve results which appear to be the work of some kind of sorcery. If your packaging needs some magical inspiration - look no further.... (We never used the noun! But, FYI, Eastwick, not Macbeth).


We take the pain out of redeveloping your current packaging efforts in order to increase your ROI and significantly improve the aesthetics of your current solutions.

Packaging Consultancy

Whatever stage your at with your packaging development, we can help in more ways than you could imagine!
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Consultancy Services

Leading UK Packaging Consultants Our Packaging Consultant Services include a myriad of different approaches to Help You Achieve, and Surpass, your Packaging Goals.  Evaluating your current packaging processes both operationally, and commercially, whilst considering your packaging procurement methodologies, is something that all companies should do continuously in order to maximise profitability. Whether it's a simple cardboard shipping box, or, a complicated solid board luxury multi-carton, your ...
Read More
Packaging Designing

Detailed Packaging Audit Reporting

Complete Packaging Review & Report How Can a Packaging Appraisal ...
Find Out More

Packaging Planning and Design

Packaging Planning & Design Consultancy How Can Packaging Planning & ...
Find Out More

Packaging Management & Stockholding

Packaging Management Consultancy How Can Packaging Stock Management Help You? ...
Find Out More

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