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Augmented Reality Packaging - What You Need to Know!


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Augmented Reality Packaging

The Food Packaging Industry is the early adopter of Augmented Reality in packaging and labelling as they have been by far the leading innovator of this exciting new technology which is changing the packaging sector in ways nobody can possibly at this stage.  The extent of the benefits and opportunities that AR Packaging gives to Bespoke Packaging Designers throughout the world is incomprehensible.

Blippar was one of the pioneers of the UK’s AR sector, particularly the Augmented Reality Packaging sector, and, Blippar has no doubt contributed substantially to the AR Industry, specifically with the field of Augmented Reality Food Packaging!  But others such as ROAR are biting at their heels.

ROAR is a similar application to Blippar and allows the developer to register a trigger image, such as a logo etc, which will allow the user of the application to view all manner of Augmented Reality Packaging on their own devices.  The advent of applications of this nature are set to revolutionise many industries but the packaging sector is, without doubt, one of the markets that can utilise this technology for purposes which go beyond novelty.

For instance, If you have small products which need relatively high amounts of information detailing on the product packaging itself, then, Augmented Reality Packaging would allow you to impart this information in a detailed and thorough manner coherently.  Whilst we will never move away from the small print being required on standard packaging, the possibilities are endless when you incorporate Augmented Reality Packaging.

A classic example of this is the Vape Industry with individual e liquid boxes and small e cigarette packaging requiring extensive disclaimers, information and specifications.  These can be printed with the information but with the additional functionality that Augmented Reality offers is, without doubt, a game changer for this, and many other markets.





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