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Paper Straws are in overwhelming demand from our clients! SCD Packaging now supply high quality, low cost Paper Straws due to the fact that the demand for these products have steadily increased over the past 2 years with requests for standard and bendy paper straws becoming more evident since the start of 2018.We have noticed some very inferior Paper Straw Products over the last 6 months which have led to SCD rejecting several deliveries as they have been ‘fit for purpose’.  It’s advisable when purchasing cheap paper straws in the UK that you choose a reputable provider who do thorough product testing before offering goods for wholesale.

All Paper Straws provided by SCD have undergone rigorous testing, therefore, all straws purchased ourselves are of the very highest quality!  We aim to provide the highest quality, lowest priced Paper Straws available in the UK, therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing biodegradable straws, please make an enquiry here.




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Why Use Paper Straws?


With the impact of Plastic Packaging being more evident and the associated pressures for both manufacturers and retailers to reduce their use of Plastic Packaging and Products, Biodegradable Paper Straws provide an excellent alternative to plastic ones.

In a recent Marine Conservation Society Beach Clean Up – The Plastic Challenge – Which encourages citizens to contribute in collecting rubbish from UK Beaches, they reported that ‘Single Use Plastics’ made up a very high percentage of the waste either washed up or left on Beaches throughout the UK.

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Types of Paper Straws

Red Striped Paper Straw Specification

The most popular type of Biodegradable Paper Straw is our Red Striped Product Range.

Manufactured in High Quality, Food Grade, Biodegradable Paper in the following specifications:

  • Length: 197mm
  • Inner Diameter: 5.5mm


Red Striped Paper Straws

Red Striped Paper Straws

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Coloured Paper Straws

Plain Coloured Paper Straws Are Not Currently Available

Plain White Paper Straws

Plain White Paper Straws Are Not Currently Available

Striped Paper Straws

Plain White Paper Straws Are Not Currently Available

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