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Suppliers of high quality, custom branded corrugated cardboard boxes suitable for many packaging solutions. Provide corrugated packaging in various grades, weights and flute inputs in both plain white, and brown paper board finishes, and, available for printing in single and two colour options.  Although high end, full colour printing is possible, we strongly advise that you speak to us should you decide to choose a provider that offers this service.

Custom Printed Boxes & Corrugated Cardboard Packaging is what we do here at SCD and our team provide a service to both

existing packaging buyers and those new to purchasing custom packaging for every conceivable use.  We supply corrugated product packaging for nearly every commercial purpose and industry. SCD Packaging supply every conceivable box type and style in both low run and large quantities,  branded with your logo and artwork.  The quality of our products are of the highest quality and our printing and design standards are second to none.

If you have a cardboard packaging requirement, you need to speak to SCD Packaging!

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Bespoke 0201 FEFCO Style boxes available in low run and high volume quantities.
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Common Cardboard Box Styles

Although we provide all services within this specialised packaging field, these are some of the more common box styles we provide:

Bespoke Packing Carton (FEFCO 0201)

The 0201 FEFCO style box is the industry standard shipping box, and, the most common style of packaging box we supply. Available in standard sizes or manufactured to suit the specific bespoke packaging box dimensions for your product. We can supply boxes in a number of different corrugated flute profiles depending on requirements and brand your box in a variety of ways. We can't be beaten for short run, logo branded cardboard boxes!

Branded Packing Wallets (FEFCO 0401)

The 0401 FEFCO style Packaging wallet is designed for shallow products. Designed for construction with the product is situ, the box itself is assembled around the product and secured for transportation, We can also add in buffers for increased protection. This box style lends itself to the addition of security flaps preventing unintentional end user damage on de- construction. A trandition 'Point Of Sale' transit mailing box.

Custom Full Overlap (FEFCO 0203)

The 0203 FEFCO box is very similar to the 0201 FEFCO style listed above, although, the flaps completely cover the base and top, creating a complete overlap suitable for glueing or stitching. Giving additional strength and rigidity when the box is assembled. This makes the box ideal for heavier items. Available in a number of different fluting profiles depending on requirements and brand your box in a variety of ways.

Printed Five Panel Wrap (FEFCO 0409)

The FEFCO 0409, 5 panel wrap style box is used for packing slim, narrow products. Available in single or double wall corrugated cardboard constructions and two standard printing options. Supplied in flat pack format, requiring construction and taping on use.

Bespoke Envelope Base (FEFCO 0215)

The 0215 FEFCO style of box's base is constructed similar to a sealed envelope when constructed. The style of base allows for rapid construction without requiring tape or glue. The box also has a tuck in type lid that locks securely. Available in a with a variety of bespoke modifications to suit your requirements such as adding perforations to make them retail shelf ready, or remove the top flap forming a standard counter display unit.

Custom Die Cut Locking Boxes (FEFCO 0470)

The 0470 FEFCO style, Die cut self locking box is traditionally used for shipping small, low mass items. These boxes are simply to assemble, which lends them to being utilised as mailers for postal products. Available in plain white or brown corrugated board and with single or two colour printing.

Mug Mailer Boxes (FEFCO 0426)

The 0426 FEFCO Style Pizza Boxes provide much more versatility than the name suggests. Often used for postal items as a robust mailer package due to the sturdy construction. Available in a number of different board grades depending on your requirements and with several printing options to suit. This style, along with 0427 are ideal Mug Box Mailers

Self Locking (FEFCO 0427)

The 0427 FEFCO Style is an easy to assemble, robust shipping box that can be modified to integrate locking tabs and handles. It can incorporate internal divisions for additional protection whilst in transit. This style covers the so called 'Smash Proof Mug Mailer' Box but has more versatility than this designation suggests!

Branded 'Box & Lid' (Fefco 0300)

The 0300 FEFCO style Box and Lid packaging is manufactured with minimal wastage, making production economical. The box corners require gluing, stitching or taping upon assembly to ensure the box's integrity. We can supply these boxes in a number of different fluting profiles depending on requirements and we can brand your box in up to 2 seperate colours.

Custom Self Locking Tray (Fefco 0422)

he 0422 FEFCO Style Box is more a Self locking Tray really allowing them to be stacked when full. Making them suitable for packing items such as jars and tins etc and often used for supermarkets shelving displays. We can supply these boxes in a number of different fluting profiles depending on requirements and we can brand your box in up to 2 seperate colours.

Branded Shelf Ready Boxes

Shelf ready boxes are a specific type of box used for retail shelf displays to house multiply products for sale. Therefore, this type of box provide two separate functions A-Shipping your products to their destination securely, and, branding your shelf displays, and product, in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This style of box can be produced with a number of different features and manufactured to any bespoke specifications. Supplied as either a single piece transit box and display case in one, or, with a separate outer container 'overbox'. SCD Packaging offer a vast range of Shelf Ready packaging options.

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We don't pester prospective clients, so, if you would like some information on any FEFCO Style Cardboard Boxes, please get in touch.