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SCD have supplied Standard and Bespoke Printed Sublimation Packaging for many years, particularly, the Subli-Blank Mug Sector, and our experience within this niche market is without rival.  We understand the needs of those who use mailer packaging to deliver fragile goods, especially with the rise of Amazon and Ebay sellers, so, if you're looking for good quality, easy to assemble. robust mug boxes, then look no further!

There is one question about Mug Mailer Packaging that we ask ourselves, and, are often asked by our customers:

What is a Smash Proof Mug Mailer?

We provide the strongest, most robust mug boxes available but we've never thought of them as 'Smash Proof'! Impact Resistant to a very high degree yes - but not smash proof.

In an effort to fulfill the Holy Grail of Mug Box Packaging, SCD, in conjunction with other experts and scientists, to produce a truly 'Smash Proof' mailer box. Unfortunately, titanium wrapped Kevlar and coated with carbon nano-tubes is causing assembly issues and the cost per unit a little high.  Still, we hope to have the product to market this year at an estimated cost of £600 with a minimum order of 500K.

Although we can't claim any mug packaging to be Smash Proof, the High Impact Resistance, 'Shock'Proof' Mug Boxes we supply, do weather the in-transit delivery protocols of today.  We monitor the many examples of the rigorous testing methods posted online that some of the delivery companies representatives carry out in what we can only assume is a quest to help improve standards for packaging manufacturers throughout the world.

Here's one of our favourite delivery drivers packaging quality control methods:

Smash Proof Testing


Smash Proof Postal Box?

Believe it or not, quality packaging, when utilised correctly, would have probably survived the 'test', and, protected the packages contents.  An Extra Strong, Double Walled Mug Mailer would have more than likely endured the impact and protecting the contents from the shock, provided the contents were of the correct size and dimensions.

Mug Boxes as standard, are designed for 11oz, sublimation blank mugs.

SCD's Mug Packaging

SCD’s Mug Boxes

SCD Packaging specialise in the supply of cardboard mug mailer boxes.   Our Mug Boxes come in a range of board grades and size options, available immediately from stock.    Both our Standard and Extra Strong Mug Mailers are suited to hold 10oz mugs and have internal dimensions of 120 x 100 x 90 mm.  We also offer bespoke printed mug mailers for pallet quantities of 2400 and 1800 units and over respectively.

All our cardboard mug mailers are made from 100% recycled materials and are fully recyclable.  They offer the most environmentally and cost effective method of transporting mugs through the postal and delivery services and offer excellent protection.   Our mug mailers are perfect for sublimation mug printers, hand painted mug artists and promotional mug suppliers.

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We don't pester prospective clients, so, if you would like some information on any Mug Mailers, please get in touch.

Mug Mailer Box Styles

We Can Design Any Mug Box You Require, But Here Are Some Of Our Most Popular Products

Standard Mug Boxes

A FEFCO 0471, standard brown mug mailer constructed from strong corrugated R Flute. Easy to construct and robust, and suitable for 10oz/11oz Mugs with the dimensions 120mm x 103mm x 90mm.

Extra Strong Mug Boxes

The so called 'Smash Proof Mug Boxes', the Impact Resistant, Heavy Duty Brown Mug Mailer is suitable for the same size 10oz/11oz Mugs but has the simensions 110mm x 110mm x 130mm.

Presentation Mug Boxes

A flip top lid carton style, suitable for manual construction. Minimal storage requirements and ideal for most retail purposes. Available in a high end print quality and various print finishes, and constructed from a variety of board materials according to packaging applications

Gift Mug Boxes

A Gift Mug Box covers any style of Mug Mailer that's has an elemental design, Be them of coloured board design, or, having a acetate window, or any other design styled box for that matter.

Polystyrene Mug Boxes

A low cost shipping option with for single mug, and 6 mug postal boxes. Very durable and constructed from high density polystyrene, this mug mailing option is perfect for stock transit.

Corrugated Multi Mug Mailer

We supply Multi Mug Mailers for 2, 4, and 6 Mug Postal Boxes. Constructed in strong robust corrugated flute with rigid self locking flaps and an easy to assembly design.

Christmas Mug Gift Box

We only seem to sell these once a year for some reason? But SCD supply Christmas Greeting Mug Mailer Boxes all year round! If you need any seasonal style Mug Boxes, look no further than SCD.

Custom Subli-Blank Packaging

We supply all types of Sublimation Packaging Boxes. FEFCO 0426,0427, 0471 and 0401 styles of box construction can be supplied in standard sizes, or, in bespoke dimensions, either in plain, or printed formats.

Window Mug Boxes

We're not really a fan of Mug Boxes with Windows. Not only do they reduce the rigidity of the construction, the viewing area is very small. We do supply them if required but in our opinion, they often disappoint.

Coloured Mug Packaging

Single Colour Mug Mailers are a low cost, high quality Mug Gift Box which we stock for next day delivery. Available in Blue, Burgundy & Dark Green with the dimension 120mm x 103mm x 90mm.

Custom Printed Mug Mailers

If you're looking for a standard size mug mailer of any type, printed with your design or logo, we can't be beaten on price! Branded Mug Boxes for Small Businesses available in low run quantities are our specialty!

Bespoke Mug Boxes

If you're looking for a Bespoke Mug Mailer designed to your specific design specifications, SCD excel in supplying custom design style corrugated cardboard packaging for all Industries and purposes,

Need Mug Mailer Boxes or Other Subli Blank Packaging?

We don't pester prospective clients, so, if you would like some information on any Mug Mailers, please get in touch.