What is a 'Packaging Audit'?

Its Not Just Accountants That Have All The Fun

An Unbiased, Experienced Professional Packaging Evaluation

SCD provided over 140 companies with a detailed packaging audit in 2017 and these reports helped them to improve their packaging in every possible way.  Whilst we provide this free service for the obvious reasons, it's not just about getting your business.  If there's a better way to do things, from manufacturing and storage to design and aesthetics.  There's always a way of improving your packaging costs whether through enhanced sales, better production and 'time & motion' costs, or, by incorporating new techniques and technology making your packaging come to life!


Packaging Audits in 2017

Why Should You Have One?

Having your packaging methodology, reviewed by experts with knowledge, integrity and business ethics, who genuinely care about your business, and, their own reputations, can only be beneficial for your business, whether you take heed of our advice or not.

We Just Want Your Business…. Right? NO… Well, YES!

We understand the notion, that a free professional consultation and report of your individual commercial packaging needs,  seems too good to be true.....  Or at least that our motives are driven to obtain you business, there's a little bit more to our packaging audits!

Its all about trust, if there's a better way, and we can't help you, then we'll tell you and point you in the right direction.  When you do need anything we can provide, you will knock on our door, if only for a quotation.

Good Business and Trusted Connections is why we offer Free Packaging Reviews.  And the only reason.

Lets See How We Can Help Your Company

We specialise in this packaging for all industries and sectors and provide our clients with the highest quality products and service.

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