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Why Use Packaging Stockholding

Outsourcing the management of your packaging production, storage and supply can have a dramatic effect on packaging costs, wastage and quality along with reducing human resources at every stage of the packaging process.  Simply using a reliable third party packaging stockholding and stock management provider can save even a modest user of packaging products £1,000's but the inertia the majority of UK businesses have in exploring the different types of packaging methodologies available to them is extremely low it's sad to say!

Packaging management is by no means rocket science, but, the majority of companies that use packaging (excuse the ironic play on words, but, the majority of companies do use packaging to some extent), place little or no importance in the procurement, planning, and, to some degree, the design of their packaging, it seems to be viewed as a necessity, and not as an opportunity in the vast majority of cases.

Packaging stockholding is so much more than just storing a few boxes on your behalf, or, committing you in to a long term procurement contract.  Any reputable, professional packaging management consultant will dramatically impact on every aspect of the packaging process, and not just the procurement of your essential packaging supplies.

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Forethought, cooperative buying, storage & production reduces headaches and costs.
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Control the provision and procurement of all packaging products and consumables
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Flexible control over ready to go, and partially manufactured raw stock
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The Packaging Management Process

It all starts with the initial fact find - We need information which will require a short discussion, from which point, the details are discussed, in complete confidence, with the Packaging Management Team and an appropriate research 'plan of action' is formulated to ascertain the various options available.

When the research is concluded, a report is prepared by each team member and reviewed by Sam, the Management Consulting Lead and a proposal is generated detailing the potential cost saving options, production methodologies and stock management opportunities specific to your circumstances, requirements and future needs.

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The Packaging Management Team

Other significant contributors to the Packaging Management Review Process who carry out various tasks specific to their packaging expertise.

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