Retail Gaming Box Packaging

The toy and game industry encompasses a wide range products, from CD boxes through to large complex toy boxes, SCD Packaging provide all manor of gaming and toy style packaging products.  Three of the main fields we deal with, although, we do provide services for other sectors, are listed below.  If you require packaging for products which you feel falls within this sector, please contact our main office team on 01933 318185

Innovative Game Packaging

So you want your product to stand out in such a competitive market? If your product is made in the UK, then ensure it’s on the packaging. We haven’t come across an idea that we haven’t been able to transform in to a working concept. We’ll take time to understand what you want from the packaging and how you want it presented and what budget you’re working to. We can supply prototypes and short run production to ensure it stays viable for you.

Retail Toy Boxes

So you’re looking to take your new toy or game to market? Maybe, you already have an idea of how you’d like to present your products? Either way, we can help. Offering many various options, from solid board lid and bases, rigid box designs or litho laminated packaging, we have vast experience in the Toys and Games sector. We can add additional finishes to your packaging, including gloss finishes, clear windows, foil blocking and embossing. We can also supply the vacuum formed inserts if required.

Board Game Packaging

From conventional paper lined rigid box and lids to solid board cartons alternatives, we have the experience to offer you your packaging solutions within budget. We can customise your boxes with your own design offering very low minimum order quantities.

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